Chairman introduction

Wang Xinchao

Chairman of jiangsu chang electric technology co. LTD

  Mr. Wang Xinchao is chairman of Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (JCET), chairman of the National IC Packaging and Testing Industrial Strategic Alliance, director of the National Engineering Laboratory for High-Density IC Packaging Technology, global director of SEMI, vice chairman of the China Semiconductor Industry Association, rotating chairman of the Packaging Branch of the China Semiconductor Industry Association, and chairman of the Jiangsu Semiconductor Industry Association.
  Mr. Wang has been recognized as a Model Worker by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, an Outstanding Leader in Semiconductor Industry, Person of the Year of Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry in China, one of the Top 10 Outstanding Patent Inventors in Jiangsu, and SEMI China Person of the Year. Meanwhile, He is also a member of the Advisory Committee for the Construction of a Strong Manufacturing Province for Jiangsu, an industrial professor at Nanjing University, an adjunct professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Southeast University as well.
  As a leader in the IC industry in China, Mr Wang Xinchao is enthusiastic in promoting the progress and innovative development of our national IC industry. He has offered suggestions for many times for the development of China's IC industry, and made his contributions in driving the progress of the global IC packaging and testing industry.

Thoughts of the Chairman

  • There is competition with and prevention against our competitors. This is very normal in business world, which is like a battlefield. We are first class whether in terms of our technologies or customers. I am an open-minded person and not afraid of competition. We will move forward and make progress together with our competitors.----2017
  • From my experience that I have accumulated for decades, running a business is a long-term race, and acquisition is a long-term strategy. For sure, there will be difficulties and agonies in short term, but we should not be shortsighted to only care for short-term profits. So even a company deals with recent things, it should also prepare for sustaining long-term competitiveness. This is my experience, my values, and my business philosophy. ---2017-威斯尼斯人
  • Responsible enterprises like us are committed to the development of our national semiconductor industry. We work for our national semiconductor industry but not for wealth. We want to have a place on the world stage and are courageous enough to face risks. --2017
  • We should establish the philosophy of “facilitating services for marketing work and satisfying customers”, and implement the policy of first inquiry accountability for salesmen. We should strive to be the No.1 and at least do our best.-- 2014
  • We will build a strong team and let our strength speak for us.-- 2012
  • We are committed to our development strategy of “catching up with our strong competitors in all aspects and overtake them in certain areas”, and strive to develop 2-3 world-leading packaging and testing technologies in the next 3-5 years. -- 2009
  • The principles of “improving inner strength, adjusting structure and stressing innovation” are our fundamental strategy to address the financial crisis, and also serve as an important guideline for our current and future work.-- 2008
  • Your thinking will decide what you can achieve, and your positioning will decide your place.-- 2006
  • The core of our harmonious big family culture is “harmony”. Only with “harmony” can we have prosperity. “Harmony” does not mean “no principles”. It means that we have a common goal, and adhere to integrity and fairness. It also means we insist on principles for big matters and keep tolerant for trivial things. “Harmony” represents our friendship built in the course of our making unremitting efforts to develop our company.

    Only with “harmony” can we share the same goal and overcome difficulties with indomitable perseverance to achieve the goal we pursue;
    “Harmony” promotes good communication, good interpersonal relationship and working environment;
    “Harmony” enables us to bring together all kinds of talents, receive various opinions, and pool our wisdom;
    “Harmony” helps create a good atmosphere in which there is respect for leadership, caring for subordinates and unity between leaders and subordinates;

    The corporate culture is the crystallization of collective wisdom and efforts, so we should take great care to maintain and develop it.---2004
  • The bell of listing means the end of the previous extensive growth mode. ---2004-威尼斯人娱乐城真钱赌博
  • Innovation has been deeply embedded in my blood.
    The hope of China lies in the awakening of the innovation consciousness of a generation of entrepreneurs! -- 2003
  • Grass-roots cadres who do not do things personally and carry though their work cannot get things done well. ---2000
  • High season is temporary and low season always exists. So, even we are in high season, we should not be carried away. Instead, we should make early preparations for the low season. ---1998
  • Be kind to our employees, and they will become more committed to the company. Our employees are the most hard-working and most kind-hearted persons. --1997
  • My understandings and views on innovation include three points: the advanced thing will definitely replace the backward, integration will replace fragmentation, and a thing bringing convenience will definitely replace the inconvenient one. I base my considerations on these three points and use philosophic thoughts to guide my business and innovation. ---1996
  • Talent is the primary resource for the development of an enterprise. Without high-quality talents, there is no first-class enterprise. To build a high-quality enterprise, we must first develop high-quality staff. --1995
  • Success is 30% predestined and 70% due to one’s own efforts. --1993
  • We should embrace a harmonious big family culture. --1991
  • My business philosophy is: first, we should ensure that our enterprise has sustained strength for future development, and second, we should ensure that our employees’ income and welfare will increase year by year. This “two ensure” is an undertaking that I will pursue forever. -- 1990
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